Crystalline Rose - Brand Design
Crystalline Rose is an international start-up company with their base value of empowering women. With their skin care related beauty products they want every woman to feel beautiful and confident. They want to invoke a youthful and feminine vibe that feels inspirational, innovative and luxurious. No clichés and stereotypes should be involved in their branding, because they are usually uninspiring and can give cheap experience.
For this personal project I have been part of creating a logotype, labels and instagram templates for Crystalline Rose and their release of their new Red Rose collection. I have focused on not bringing in any aspects that can be referred to as cliché or too playful as this is a soft, gentle and light brand. 
The colors selected are a darker shade blue shade, a calm purple, a bright gold and a pleasing light beige. The gold and purple bring out the luxurious feeling of the brand and the dark blue and light beige contribute with contrast and depth. This is a gentle color palette with softer colors. The logo is designed with rounded shapes and has the flower shape and leaf included to increase the soft and inviting feeling. The typefaces Didot has a luxurious and classic look and Avenir Next brings in a more modern and youthful style. 
"The time you get when you can take care of yourself is precious and we want to fill it with softness, calm and luxury with the Red Rose collection. A moment for every woman to get inspired and feel confident."
To bring forward these feelings the label has a clean design with all the information you need and nothing more. 
The templates should reflect the company's essence and personality with simple but appealing assets. Reusing the colors and assets of the logo we keep a maintaining theme and memorable aspects of the brand. 
In this project it was a challenge to keep a feminine look and feel without involving any stereotypes of femininity. Using brighter and luxurious colors together with the curves in the logo I believe that the branding is experienced as feminine without any strong stereotypical aspects.